know-what-bitches-get-stuff-done-quote-1When I saw today’s word, ‘tempted’, I immediately thought it was a great word and that I would have a gajillion ideas for a post. Turns out, I’m apparently not as swayable as I thought! Yes, swayable is a word in my world.

Bad things (unless it’s food) don’t really tempt me. It’s the good, better, best things that get me every time.

Like a new car, for instance. I can push myself to stay interested in a car for about two years. After that, I’m ready to move on…trade her in for an upgraded model. Gosh am I glad my husband doesn’t have this same itch!! lol

We are replacing the flooring in our home and I’m tempted to run the hardwood throughout all of the bedrooms too, but the hubby says no – he wants to keep some remnant of carpet comfort. Here’s where temptation kicks in for me…

While the flooring is ripped up, I’d like to repaint the entire inside (including ceilings), replace / update all of the baseboards, purchase new home office furniture, and get a new dishwasher. When THAT is all finished, I will obviously need to get new furniture because the wall color will be different and won’t match the floor – so new decor as well. Maybe even a new kitchen table…oooo and an island. And let’s just go ahead and finish the basement while we’re at it!

Remember when I said I wasn’t swayable? I may have lied.


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