Times They Are A Changin’


Back in the day, we used to Primp for a date or for school pictures or for Easter Sunday. I’m pretty sure if I asked our girls what ‘primp’ means, neither of them would have a clue. What word do these kids use now? Do I dare go to Urban Dictionary to find out or will my eyes be scarred from the results that come up if I type in PRIMP?

Well folks – here are the results: primp is an action when you are constantly looking at your body in a positive way.

Okay…that’s not so bad. I suppose I’d rather have kids feel positive about their bodies than self conscious. Vanity is a dangerous thing, but so is NOT loving the way you look. Double-edged sword here.

We, as parents (and stepparents) can help our kiddos balance out the Vanity from the Negativity. Maybe don’t let them stare at themselves in the mirror but take a few seconds and appreciate the body / face they see in front of them.

No need to relish – just appreciate. No need to primp – just be.

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