Second Thoughts or PMS?

Second Thoughts

Do you ever have one of ‘those’ days that turns into a week…sometimes even two?  Where you snap at people, use a not-so-nice tone in your email, give looks of fire shooting out of your eyes, withdrawal into solitude and wish everyone would just leave you alone for a freaking minute?

Then a brave soul confronts you and dares to accuse you of being mean…and what you thought was just a mood now spirals out of control.  You immediately react, pushing blame everywhere else and bringing up old arguments that have long since been resolved. You vent to one too many people and can’t stop eating and just want to SLEEP for goodness sake. And I bet chocolate sounds amazing during all of this craziness, right?

You start having second thoughts about your relationships and decisions and finances. You may even seek therapy.

Until it hits you and you check that fancy little discreet app on your phone that says “1 more day until your period starts”.

Oh.  Whatevs. Hope nobody’s mad.  🙂

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