You’re Either With Me Or Against Me


Oh boy – this is one of those topics that I could write about for eons.  I experience some form of annoyance at least once an hour – every. single. hour. of. the. ever. loving. day.

Whether we’re talking about someone slurping their drink too loudly or chewing on a chip (oh and chewing while talking…that’s a completely different level); someone asking a question that would have taken them less time to look up and answer for themselves; dogs barking too loudly; cats all up in your business; too many people talking too early in the morning; other people making noise while you’re trying to watch your show; the dryer buzzing telling you that it’s time for you to fold yet another load; traffic…any form of it at any time of the day; phone calls…why can’t you text me that shit?  See, my list is random and could go on and on…

I wonder if people are as annoyed with me as I am with them.  The older I get I suppose the less I really care.  I grow more opinionated and less aware of what others think.  It’s kind of a beautiful thing.  Go me.

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