Home Base


Most of you probably think of the Cubbies when you hear the word ‘base’ since they just made history.  I’m a die-hard Cardinals fan so there wasn’t much celebrating going on in our neck of the woods other than a shout out for keeping the win in our division.  Rah Rah.


Base to me means Home Base.  A place I can always go to feel loved.  My parents’ house. My husband’s parents’ house. The one that still has a landline that I’ve got memorized. The one address I know by heart other than my own. The other key on my key ring. The door I can open without knocking. HOME.

It’s such a joy knowing that our home is now that to two girls. They have two home bases where they can always feel safe and loved and comfortable and cozy. We’ll always stock their favorite snacks, keep a blanket ready for them to snuggle, have a bed ready for them to lay their head, and open our ears to listen to whatever stories they will bless us with.


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