Black Friday Deals for Writers 2021

With so many tools and so many courses available for writers, it can be a bit overwhelming to try and pay for it all. Thankfully, Black Friday is here and so are we to breakdown all of the awesome 2021 Black Friday Deals for the year.

If you click any of these links and end up purchasing the product, I get a small commission from that. But it costs you nothing extra and every bit goes to my coffee fund.

Tools and Software

Here are a few tools we've rounded up that are having sales this year.


We've got a ton of courses in our course marketplace, many of which are having sales this year. Here's our roundup.

Our Top Recommendations

In case the list above was too many to sort through, here are our top recommendations for all tools and courses:

Publisher Rocket

Publisher Rocket is the ultimate software when it comes to researching your book categories and keywords to rank high in Amazon. With this Black Friday deal, you can get the companion course ($50 value) in addition to the software.

Check It Out Here!


It's no secret that ProWritingAid is my top recommendation for a grammar-checking tool. They are offering 50% off a lifetime license, or 255 off an annual license, which is a phenomenal deal.

To get it, use my code KINDLEPRENEUR20 when you check out.

Check It Out Here!


This is our top recommendation for plotting software if you're looking to outline your book or flesh out your characters. They are offering a 20% discount on all annual and lifetime plans, no code required.

Check It Out Here!


OptinMonster is the ultimate tool to get people on your website to convert to your email list. They are offering 60% off your subscription. And all you have to do is visit the following link:

Check It Out Here!

World Anvil

If you're a sci-fi/fantasy author, or just into Worldbuilding in general, then you should take a long look at World Anvil. It's the ultimate way to create a wiki for your worldbuilding to keep all the facts of your universe straight. And they keep adding new features so it's a very responsive platform.

They are offering 50% off all annual plans, just use the following link and the code BLACKFRIDAY when you're checking out.

Check It Out Here!

Derek Murphy

Derek is an expert in publishing and in book cover design in particular. He's offering a very generous deal for his course, which is normally $197, and is now $17. Check out the link.

Check It Out Here!

Nick Stephenson

Nick also knows a ton about the industry, so we definitely recommend his Nrdly Website Builder, which is 25% off your first order.

Be sure to use the code GET25 for it to work.

Check It Out Here!

Grammar Lion

A great resource for solidifying your grammar skills, taught by Ellen Sue Feld who is an expert on the subject. You can get her course with this link:

Check It Out Here!

Sacha Black Courses

Sacha Black is an accomplished author with two courses that I recommend: One on the Anatomy of Prose, and another on Writing Villains. And they are on sale for 30% off. Check them out with the following link. Available until Dec. 2.

Check It Out Here!

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