Book Sales Tracker: Best Software for Tracking Your Sales

When I only had one book on one platform like KDP, using a book sales tracker service was unnecessary.

However, when I started having multiple books on multiple platforms like KDP, D2D, Createspace, Kobo, iBooks, etc…it would seriously take a lot of time to check each platform’s sales and ensure things were tracking.

And let’s face it, as self-publishing entrepreneurs – affectionately known as Kindlepreneurs – it’s important to track things like daily sales because this is your income lifeblood. But to do that daily eats up too much time.

On average it takes me 15 minutes to adequately review all sales platforms and look for trends in my different markets. If done every day, that would equate to 92 hours a year wasted…eek!

That’s way too much.

Luckily, there are some services that help alleviate this. Not only do they present your book’s sale information in a much better layout, they’ll make it seamless for you to keep a thumb on your sales pulse and allow you to focus on more important things….like writing your next book.

In the article, you’ll learn:

  • What book sales reporting services can do
  • List of book sales tracking services
  • My favorite service and how to set it up

And yes, there is one that is superior to the others and one of my all time favorite services out there.

What Can A Book Sales Tracker Do For you

Let’s face it…KDP’s book sales page is a nightmare. It’s difficult to understand and they really don’t make it easy for you to collect long-term information.

Can any of you tell me exactly how much money you’ve made this year total in self-publishing? I can in two seconds, thanks to these services.

Basically, book sales tracking services collects your books sales information and present it in a much more meaningful way.

My Book Sales Rankings and Tracking

Different Types of Book Sales Trackers

There are a couple of services out there with different functionality and different reach. Below are a couple, what they do, and whether or not I liked them.

Book Report: Book report is a simple chrome plugin that presents your KDP information in a much better manner. However, it only gives your KDP information and requires you to log into KDP in order to get your data – which defeats the point of saving you time.  Furthermore, it costs $10/month and does not work for any other platform.

Tracker Box: Unlike Book Report, Tracker Box is a one time fee of $59.95 and covers multiple platform sales and not just KDP.  However, the biggest drawback to this is that it only works for PC – sorry Mac lovers – and is not proactive in getting you the information – I'll explain later.

Author Earnings Dashboard: Like Book Report, this only works for KDP.  It now works for both PC and Mac, but only serves as a means in which to understand your KDP numbers.  The pricing is a “pay what you think” style but ultimately offers nothing else for the multi-platform self-publisher.

BookTrakr – My favorite and I’ll explain below.

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BookTrakr Review – My Favorite

BookTrakr is a brand new service (well technically it was in beta for 2 years, but just finally hit the market publicly) that not only presents your book’s sales in an orderly and easily understandable manner, it also covers multiple platforms on a daily basis to include:

  • Amazon KDP
  • Apple
  • B&N
  • Smashwords
  • Kobo
  • CreateSpace
  • Google Play
  • D2D

Imagine how much time it would take to manually check each of those stores each day!

And the best part is, they even send you a daily email letting you know exactly how much money you made that day and from all the different platforms.

Book Sales Tracker Book Trakr

Plus, their dashboard is really easy to use and can give you some excellent and quick looks at key aspects to your sales, trends and even status of reviews.

BookTrakr Price

Luckily, BookTrakr isn’t expensive!

For $5 per month, you'll receive daily emails about that day's book sales on all platforms and have access to their easy to use dashboard and graphs.

For $10 per month, you get the above and an update every time a new review is posted, tracking of rankings, and the ability to mark events in your graphs/analytics.

Personally, I only do the $5 per month.

Book Tracking Navigation Bar

How To Set Up Book Trakr

Now, let’s take a quick look at how you can set it up.

Step 1 – Basic Profile Info

Entering Your BookTrakr information

After agreeing to the standard terms and conditions screen (which we all read carefully, right guys?) you will make it to the first section of your sign up – your profile.

Unlike many profile signup screens, this one is fairly easy on you.

You just have to enter:

  • Your full name
  • A name to be known by
  • The currency
  • Timezone you wish to work with

That’s it! You’re one click of that attractively blue ‘continue’ button away from the next stage of the process.

Step 2 – BookTrakr Store Settings

Entering Your Store settings for Book Trakr

This is where you can add all of the separate platforms on which your ebooks and books are sold.

You simply have to:

  1. Click setup
  2. Add your login and user information for each store
  3. Then click ‘fetch book data’ to continue.

BookTrakr does the hard work and automatically fetches all of your data from the various stores you have informed it about.

However, for it to do this,  you'll be giving BookTrakr access to your accounts to include passwords.  Let that be a disclaimer – but also understand, how else are they going to access your accounts and inform you of your sales?  I personally accepted the risk and connected all of my book accounts to it and have had no problem so far.

But just something to keep in mind.

Amazon KDP Book Sales Information

As you can see, it is easy to enter your username and password for each ebook and book sales platform you wish to use with BookTrakr.

You need to know the postal code and telephone number you have associated with your Amazon Associate account – be sure to have these available at the time of signing up.

Step 3 – Data Fetch

Fetching Book sales Data

As you can see from this screen, there is a chance that the initial process of fetching data can take several hours.

There is no need to wait and simply stare at the screen – BookTrakr emails you when the process is complete.

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Click here to Sign Up

Once BookTrakr has fetched your data, you can ‘activate’ certain books.

This simply means that BookTrakr knows which of your titles you wish to track. Perhaps some are older or less relevant to your current efforts – if so, no worries. BookTrakr will simply ignore these titles and not keep you updated on how they are doing.

Problems with BookTrakr

BookTrakr is brand new to the public…however, I had the distinct pleasure of being a part of their beta testing. Since then, they’ve worked out a lot of the kinks, but they still have issues – not Jar Jar Binks level issues…but issues.

Kids and Jar Jar

For one thing, it sends me two emails a day. Now, this isn’t their fault. The issue lies in that the different platforms have different reporting times. I’ve sent in my request that they give you an option of just one email a day – but haven't heard anything back yet.

Just recently, BookTrakr emailed the users letting them know that a couple of the platforms had changed something in their backend causing lower book sales to be reported…I was relieved when I found this out because I was seeing a significant drop in my books sales and was like “Woo, what’s going on!?!”

So, understand that there may be some slight ‘off moments’ from time to time.

And finally, I’m not a fan of their customer support…or the lack there of. As of right now you have to contact their customer support via Twitter which isn’t the most straightforward process. But, if you ask me, who uses Twitter as a first point of contact for customer service anyway?

I did end up ninja'ing a email at one point and did get in contact their their owner….but yeesh.

Ebook Tracker Recommendation – BookTrakr

As you can see, despite its quirks and foibles, BookTrakr is a great solution for busy authors.

The goal of all efficient business processes is automation – and BookTrakr can make the entire process of collecting sales data across multiple platforms and seeing how a book’s performance changes over time, real easy.

Getting that daily email and seeing how things are going means you never hide away from your books real performance – you always know the way things are, and can take action if needed to try and increase a book’s performance.

Ultimately, BookTrakr has saved me a lot of time and kept me in the loop of all sales on a daily basis.



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23 thoughts on “Book Sales Tracker: Best Software for Tracking Your Sales

  1. Zarina

    Hey, I know this article is a few years old now, but do you still use BookTrakr? I’ve been trying Trackerboxs’ free trial and because I’m not great with all this data-number-analyses stuff I find it visually confusing. Booktrakr looks more colour-coded and user-friendly plus I like the idea of being able to track ratings and reviews. I have a few questions regarding Booktrakr:

    – Does it only import eBooks sales, or does it show data for paperbacks also?
    – Does it import sales from the same book published with varying ISBNs? (As in, multiple editions, but in the same format, like a 1st and 2nd paperback edition with different ISBNs)
    – Does it cover Ingram Spark? (If not, I may just use Trackerbox for Ingram as there won’t be data for sales reviews etc anyway)
    – Is there some kind of NDA clause considering they get all your passwords (data leakage is a big concern these days)


    1. Dave Chesson

      In truth, I’ve fallen out of love with BookTrakr. Nothing that they did really, but because of Amazon’s changes, their system isn’t as easy or effective as it used to be. Right now, I’m actually a part of the beta testing for PublishWide, but they have a LOT of bugs to fix before it is ready. But once it is, and if it is as good as they say it will be, I’ll immediately update to reflect.

      1. Zarina

        Okay fair enough. Are you still able to answer the questions I asked above regarding BookTrakr? I’ll post them again:
        – Does it only import eBooks sales, or does it show data for paperbacks also?
        – Does it import sales from the same book published with varying ISBNs? (As in, multiple editions, but in the same format, like a 1st and 2nd paperback edition with different ISBNs)
        – Does it cover Ingram Spark? (If not, I may just use Trackerbox for Ingram as there won’t be data for sales reviews etc anyway)
        – Is there some kind of NDA clause considering they get all your passwords (data leakage is a big concern these days)

        Thanks again

        1. Dave Chesson

          1. both
          2. It can so long as you give it access to the accounts that publish them
          3. Not sure
          4. Probably – but not sure but you can ask them or comb through their Service Agreement. My take on this is they probably have a CYA clause like most but aren’t going to start stealing your passwords to target the books. Plus it would be obvious if they changed your payment information and such. Why destroy your viable software business, in order to get yourself in legal battles, because it would leave a trail and your switching of account information would take 1.5 months before you get paid….which most of thatwould be stopped before then. So, I don’t worry about that myself.

          1. Zarina

            Okay, thank you, I will give Booktrakr a go!

          2. Dave Chesson

            Sounds good.

  2. Michelle Segrest

    Great article, but It is been a few years since it was posted. Do you still use BookTrackr and are you still happy with it?

    1. Dave Chesson

      Currently, yes. Because I have a lot of sales on other markets as well.

      1. Cathy Lake

        Can you please let us know if anyone has been seeing a serious difference in their kdp sales or suspecting KDP is not reporting all the sales? I have heard rumors that when marketing was retargeted from KDP`s Amazon page to an ASIN of another provider to Amazon for the same book, the sales skyrocketed leading one to suspect they were not receiving all of their sales from KDP to begin with. Can you please try this out and let us know. It is odd that you made so much more money on Create space, than via Amazon KDP for the same book. Have you heard the same rumor that KDP is not reporting all the sales they are receiving or there is a glitch in their reporting? My ads are stating 1000s of clicks to purchase the book, but then KDP is only reporting less than 100 sold.

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