Free Amazon Book Advertisement Course: Ads for Authors

As many of you have heard, advertising your book on Amazon's Book Advertisement system, formerly known as AMS, has become one the best ways for authors to get their book discovered and even thrive in a crowded Amazon market.

Through AMS, you can now choose when and where you want your book to show up on Amazon – anywhere in search results or even next to another book on their own sales page.  Plus, unlike Facebook ads or Google Adwords, in Amazon's book advertisement system, you're advertising your book to people who are ready to buy and are looking for their next book.

You don't have to be a marketing genius to figure out that that is the BEST time to get your book in front of them.

But here was the dilemma…

Creating profitable Amazon book ads can feel daunting and overwhelming for some.  Well, not anymore.  To help you understand Amazon ads the best, I've created a FULL FREE course.

No…really, no catch, no nothing.  Just professional video training showing you exactly how I do Amazon Ads, and even how I did AMS campaigns for multi-NYT bestselling authors like Ted Dekker, and Pat Flynn.

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In This Full Free Amazon Ads for Books Video Course:

In this course, you will learn the following:

Part 1: Introduction to Amazon Ads

In this section of the course I will cover the basics to understanding what Amazon Ads are, how they benefit your book beyond just the sales they bring in, how to get more out of them and the best way an author should approach them:

  • Welcome to Amazon Ads
  • What are Amazon Ads
  • How to Get More out of Amazon Ads
  • How to Best Approach AMS

Part 2: Setting Up Your Amazon Ads Campaigns

In part 2, we go over the different types of ads, how t setup your account and your first Sponsored Product Ads, and Lockscreen ads.  We also do a detailed look at the new dashboard and how you can monitor and improve you ads over time.  Here, you'll also see my preferred layout, and customizations.

  • How to Setup Your Account
  • Creating Your First Amazon Ads (Sponsored Product and Lockscreen Ads)
  • Understanding the Amazon Ads Dashboard

Part 3: Selecting Profitable Amazon Ads keywords

In this section, we will roll up the sleeves a bit and get into some advanced tactics and concepts, starting with selecting the best keywords for your campaigns.  With these steps on how to find, and group keywords into campaigns, you'll start working like a legit Amazon ads author in no time:

  • The Art to Amazon Ads Keywords
  • How to Find Profitable Amazon Ads Keywords
  • Grouping Your Keywords For Campaigns
  • Creating Ad Copy that Sells
  • Product Targeting: ASINs and Categories

Part 4: Optimizing & Managing Campaigns

In this section, we'll look at how you can read your running ads, and the steps you can do to not only improve them, but also grow them.  There are some great pieces of information that you can use to find out what is working and how to expand on them.  So, definitely don't miss out on this section.

  • Monitoring Your Campaigns like a Pro
  • Adjusting Your Bid and CPC for better Success
  • Growing Your Campaigns and Optimizing for Higher Clicks
  • What to do When Your Ads Fail and How to Fix Them

Part 5: Recap, Resources & More

In this final part we do a recap on what you've learned in the previous sections and I also provide a list of resources where you can go to stay on top of your Amazon ads skills as you move forward.

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Can Amazon Ads Help Authors Sell More Books?

Can get getting your book in front of the right buyers help you sell more books?

Then yes! Most definitely. But it takes a little bit of work and analytics.

But, if you'd like to learn more about other authors and their AMS adventures, then check out the below case studies.  Each one consists of examples or tactics that an author employed with AMS and their results (And let me remind you, most of the authors below haven't taken any course, they just gave it a try – but you have access to my free course):

Podcast Episode – AMS Ads with Brian Meeks

Now, if those numbers scared, you.  Don't be.  My course will give you everything you need to understand and implement 😉

So, What Next?

Get started learning Amazon Ads for free.  Be sure to check out my full video course and start learning how you can get shoppers to see your book through Amazon's Ads system.

Get Access to the Free Course Here

So, be sure to sign up for my absolutely FREE AMS Advertisements for Books course and start getting your book discovered on Amazon.


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37 thoughts on “Free Amazon Book Advertisement Course: Ads for Authors

  1. Elena Ivanova Smith

    Hi Dave
    thanks for the great AMS course. Just one question. If I publish my paperbacks on CreateSpace. Does AMS report include them and therefore they are reflected in ACOS? A bit confused.

    1. Dave Chesson

      I saw your email too, but figured this would be the best place to answer so all can see. The answer is yes. Amazon reports all sales under the Estimated Sales, and ACoS based on the add performance.

      1. Elena Ivanova Smith

        Yes, after I sent email, and then I thought others would also be interested in the subject so posted here (sorry for spam!). The only question is why on earth Amazon answered that they don´t include CS (I sent you their answer in email). I was doing maths with my friend analyst on all books on all ads accounting for a variety of factors and could not come with an answer. So many thanks for your reply!

  2. Sam Burnell

    I followed this to the letter, 92,000 impressions, 91 clicks but I’m missing something – no sales. I has produced cheaper clicks than when I tried it myself, and they are around 14p each which is about half of what I was paying before and I found not less then 942 keywords. i’m going to go through the course again and try and figure out why the ads are not delivering.

  3. Eevi Jones

    Excellent, excellent course! Many thanks, Dave! Running my first ad now!

    1. Dave Chesson

      Awesome Eevi! Good luck!

  4. Michal

    The course is mind-blowing. A go-to resource for any author new to AMS.

  5. Eric Z

    This has AWE-SUM sauce all over it! You really OVER DELIVERED on this course Dave. Thanks and congrats!

    1. Dave Chesson

      Haha…thanks buddy!

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