Best Udemy Courses for Self Publishing Authors–Only $9.99 This Week

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Online courses are amazing for learning and improving your skills.

While you can learn a lot from podcasts and blog posts, sometimes you just need a course to see the material in action and really master a new skill.

And right now, Udemy is running a ridiculously awesome deal where they are selling courses for as little as $9.99.

But there are over 80,000 courses to choose from, and it could take forever to find which ones are relevant and worthwhile.

So I did the hard work for you and outlined 50 of the top courses specifically for self-publishing authors and writers.

Many of these courses are normally $100 or more, but for this week only, ALL UDEMY COURSES ARE UP TO 85% OFF! 

This deal expires Friday, November 29th, so don’t wait. Take advantage while it lasts.

In this article, you will find:

  • The absolute best courses for improving your writing
  • Top courses for learning strategies critical to self-publishing success
  • Courses that will teach you the hacks for marketing your books better
  • Which courses will help you build and run a successful author business
  • And classes that will improve your overall life as a writer

Without further ado, let’s head to class.

Note: The (*) that is in the title of some of the courses denotes that this course is listed as a Udemy Bestseller. Also, I just want to be upfront that the Udemy links in this post are affiliate links, which means that if you click and purchase something, a portion of the sale will go towards my coffee fund and keep me writing.  This will be at no extra cost to you in any way.

Best Writing Courses

First up are courses directly related to writing. Below are the top courses with tons of social proof that previous students were happy with the course content and value.

Want to learn directly from your writing heroes, like James Patterson, Judy Blume, and Malcolm Gladwell? Learn how in my MasterClass review.

Develop Blockbuster Story Ideas That Sell! (Writing Mastery)*

Proven methods to unleash your creativity and brainstorm bestselling, high concept book and movie ideas.

  • Develop story ideas designed to get the attention of readers, agents, publishers, and producers
  • Define “high concept” and learn what makes an idea “high concept”
  • Learn why high-concept stories sell better, faster, and for more money
  • Brainstorm your own high-concept ideas that you can start writing immediately
  • Take your writing career to the next level by developing commercial novel and screenplay ideas that sell

Students Enrolled: 4,793
Star Rating: 4.6 (942 reviews)
Normal Price: $60
Today's Price: $9.99

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30 Creative Writing Exercises To Inspire Creativity & Ideas*

30 creative writing exercises & different writing prompts to spark your creativity for fresh poetry and story ideas.

  • Tap into your creativity for fresh ideas
  • Dissolve any creative writing blocks
  • Relieve stress through creative writing exercises
  • BONUS lecture to building a foundation for a daily writing habit

Students Enrolled: 5,084
Star Rating: 4.5 (103 reviews)
Normal Price: $200
Today's Price: $9.99

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Writing Great Fantasy: World Building Workshop*

Writing fantasy: The step-by-step method to writing a believable and compelling world that will enchant your readers

  • Build a believable and compelling world for a fantasy story
  • Plan out your world's timeline to get the big picture of your world's story
  • Learn how to create meaningful names for various people, places, and things in your world
  • Learn how to create a world of depth so your world is more compelling

Students Enrolled: 5,631
Star Rating: 4.6 (463 reviews)
Normal Price: $200
Today's Price: $9.99

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Reverse Engineer Riveting Fiction & Write Best Selling Books

You will be writing page-turning fiction that your readers will love when you plot, outline and write the right way.

  • Outline best selling fiction books.
  • Improve any story by adding more tension and excitement.
  • Write quicker and easier with an outline as your guide.
  • Analyze great stories and use them to inspire your own amazing stories.

Students Enrolled: 5,164
Star Rating: 4.6 (981 reviews)
Normal Price: $95
Today's Price: $9.99

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Writing With Flair: How To Become A Masterful Writer

Ex-Wall Street Journal Editor Reveals How To Make Your Blogs, Books & Business Writing Sparkle.

  • You will dramatically improve the quality of your writing in as little as days or weeks
  • Your writing will stand out from peers, colleagues, and competitors
  • Your blogs will look more slick and professional

Students Enrolled: 81,192
Star Rating: 4.5 (7,854 reviews)
Normal Price:$200
Today's Price: $9.99

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Writers Write! Creative Writing Skills

Write by Writing: Write a novel, novella or short story with this practical guide to writing for beginners

  • To become a better writer
  • To begin writing today

Students Enrolled: 11,814
Star Rating: 4.4 (715 reviews)
Normal Price: $40
Today's Price: $9.99

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Creative Writing – Get Writing, Keep Writing

Unlock your creative writing ability.

  • Enjoy writing and have fun!
  • Create freely without being embarrassed or getting writers block
  • Fit writing around a hectic lifestyle by making time for yourself
  • Master spelling and grammar to a publishable standard
  • And more!

Students Enrolled: 2,433
Star Rating: 4.3 (388 reviews)
Normal Price: $65
Today's Price: $9.99

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Punctuation Mastery*

How To Use Commas, Dashes & Semi-Colons Like A Pro

  • Know how to apply punctuation appropriately and stylishly
  • Write with more confidence and flair
  • Spruce up your reports, essays, resumes, books, blogs and articles

Students Enrolled: 16,746
Star Rating: 4.5 (1,880 reviews)
Normal Price: $150
Today's Price: $9.99

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Travel Writing: Explore The World & Publish Your Stories*

Learn to write travel tales readers (and editors) will love. Sell your freelance writing to newspapers and magazines!

  • Learn how to write professional-quality travel tales that readers (and editors) will love.
  • Master writing techniques that will hook readers right away, maintain their interest throughout the story, and leave them feeling fulfilled at the end.
  • Weave together the various elements that create a great travel tale — the setting, people, events, and unique emotions we encounter on the road.
  • And more!

Students Enrolled: 7,086
Star Rating: 4.6 (847 reviews)
Normal Price: $80
Today's Price: $9.99

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Ninja Writing: The Four Levels Of Writing Mastery*

Turn Your Business Writing, Blogs, Books & Essays Into Masterpieces.

  • Discover how to create spellbinding writing
  • Learn the secrets of editors on top newspapers and websites
  • Tap into the power of the four levels: narrative, paragraphs, sentences and words
  • Transform yourself into a masterful writer in days
  • And more!

Students Enrolled: 64,171
Star Rating: 4.5 (7,241 reviews)
Normal Price: $200
Today's Price: $9.99

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Writing Fiction That Sings: Write Novels With Great Voice

Writing novels, blogs, or nonfiction books? Learn editing techniques in this writing course and up your writing skills.

  • add snazz and pizzazz to the fiction you write by using figures of speech!
  • choose the strongest POV for the novel you're writing.
  • spiffy up your novel with solid editing tips, before you submit it to agents and editors.
  • write your novels and creative nonfiction books with an engaging voice.
  • write books with confidence.

Students Enrolled: 4,155
Star Rating: 3.7 (340 reviews)
Normal Price: $185
Today's Price: $9.99

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Writing Dynamic Dialogue 1 – Basics

Master dialogue mechanics, attribution and beats, and start writing like a pro.

  • Learn why agents and publishers look at dialogue to judge the quality of a manuscript
  • How to write dialogue that serves the needs of the story, not the writer
  • How to avoid writing expository dialogue that patronizes the reader
  • How to properly format and punctuate dialogue
  • And lots more!

Students Enrolled: 541
Star Rating: 4.1 (70 reviews)
Normal Price: $30
Today's Price: $9.99

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Humor Writing: How to Think, Write, Speak, and Be Funnier!

Great for Writing & Public Speaking: Learn the Techniques Professional Humorists Use to Create Consistently Funny Comedy

  • Master the techniques professional humorists and comedy writers use to create consistently hilarious material
  • Learn how to find humor in nearly any situation
  • Discover how to take something that is funny, and stretch it to make it a lot funnier.
  • Understand how when you write or present humorous material, subtle things like word choice, word order, and pacing can make a profound difference in whether or not something is funny.

Students Enrolled: 4,451
Star Rating: 4.2 (494 reviews)
Normal Price: $35
Today's Price: $9.99

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Creating And Publishing Your Children's Book

Everything you need to know to get your Children's Book finished and off to a great publisher.

  • Discover how to get your children's book finished and in front of the right people
  • Understand how to come up with ideas and compelling characters
  • Understand how to work with an illustrator
  • How to create a children's book proposal and one sheet that will catch the eye of an agent or editor

Students Enrolled: 889
Star Rating: 4.6 (117 reviews)
Normal Price: $50
Today's Price: $9.99

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Best Self-Publishing Courses

These awesome courses either give a broad overview of how to self-publish ebooks or they focus on one specific component, such as formatting.

Kindle Launch Plan: Publish And Market An Amazon Bestseller* by Nick Loper

*This course is led by Nick Loper, the authority blogger of Side Hustle Nation and The Side Hustle Show podcast. He creates super awesome stuff.

Learn the proven process of how to take your non-fiction book from idea to the top of the Amazon charts.

  • Learn the proven, systematic way to take a book from idea to bestseller
  • How to research the competition, keywords, and categories for maximum exposure
  • Build buzz for your launch and recruit a team of ambassadors
  • Keep the momentum of your launch going after your big promotional push
  • And more!

Students Enrolled: 5,011
Star Rating: 4.3 (381 reviews)
Normal Price: $195
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

Amazon Kindle eBook Publishing – How to Succeed on Kindle

Secrets to Kindle eBook Creation- Writing, Formatting, Self-Publishing, Marketing, Outsourcing, Selling eBooks on Amazon

  • Create and sell Kindle eBooks and have FUN doing it
  • Choose an eBook that people will want to read
  • Understand how eBooks work and how you can leverage them to create passive income
  • Create a quality cover for your eBook for next to nothing
  • Plus more!

Students Enrolled: 7,346
Star Rating: 4.5 (543 reviews)
Normal Price: $175
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

How To Become A Bestselling Author On Amazon Kindle*

Learn how to make money writing with this complete guide to writing, formatting, publishing, and marketing Kindle ebooks.

  • Learn How To Write Your Book and Publish It On Kindle
  • Learn How To Format Your Ebook For Kindle and Publish On Amazon
  • Become an Amazon Bestseller Using the KDP Select Free Promotion Marketing System
  • Learn How To Create a Lucrative Long-Term Career as a Self-Published Kindle Ebook Author

Students Enrolled: 43,027
Star Rating: 4.4 (1,411 reviews)
Normal Price: $200
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

Kindle Publishing Secrets – Start Earning Passive Income Now

Learn how to start your own business successfully selling Kindle eBooks with very little writing involved.

  • Create a Kindle EBook Business That Will Bring $500 – $5000 Per Month in Passive Income
  • Learn How to Become an Amazon Kindle Bestseller in Different Amazon Categories

Students Enrolled: 2,514
Star Rating: 4.2 (98 reviews)
Normal Price: $50
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

Starting A KDP Business Without Doing The Writing Yourself

Learn How To Start A Kindle Direct Publishing Business Without Writing The Book Yourself!

  • Publish their Kindle book on Amazon Kindle.
  • Know how to outsource and get an expert to write their first book for them.
  • Research and find a profitable niche for the Kindle book.

Students Enrolled: 1,927
Star Rating: 4.6 (143 reviews)
Normal Price: $195
Today's Price: $9.99

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Kindle Formatting: How To Do It Properly

Learn how to format your Kindle ebook properly using free software – avoid bad reviews and 1-star ratings

  • Understand why formatting is so important
  • Create properly formatted Kindle books that work across the full range of Kindles
  • Avoid bad reviews and 1-star ratings due to poor formatting

Students Enrolled: 1,295
Star Rating: 4.4 (47 reviews)
Normal Price: $115
Today's Price: $9.99

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Kindle Business #3: Format Kindle Books Perfectly & Earn

Kindle Formatting Business with templates – Use my 10 proven formula to rank high to become Kindle Best Seller & Earn Big

  • PREPARE a document with clickable Table of Contents
  • FORMAT a kindle book from beginning to end smoothly
  • SAVE tons of money by formatting your own kindle book
  • DISCOVER ways to distribute your book into 6 other platforms

Students Enrolled: 3,134
Star Rating: 4.5 (46 reviews)
Normal Price: $195
Today's Price: $9.99

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Best Cover Design Courses

We all judge a book by its cover, and unless you're a well-known author, you can't afford to put a dud cover on the front of your book. So check out these courses for ways to put a more attractive cover design on your books

eBook And Paperback Book Cover Design Using Canva And Gimp*

Self-Publishing? Create your own professional looking book covers; ready to upload to major retailers and distributors.

  • Find inspiration for your book covers as well as free, cheap or premium images without infringing upon someone else's copyright
  • Understand the technical terms used in image design such as image size, file size, aspect ratios and color modes as well as what file type to use when uploading to your chosen platforms.
  • Know the current specifications for print book, eBook and catalog covers on major platforms like Amazon and Smashwords.
  • Design an eBook catalog cover in Canva using either a template or your own specifications and images
  • And more!

Students Enrolled: 2,025
Star Rating: 4.7 (287 reviews)
Normal Price: $40
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

GIMP 2.8 / GIMP 2.10 For Beginners: Design Free Book Covers

An introduction to the free GIMP graphics design tool focusing on the creation of book covers for self-publishing

  • Install the GIMP on Your PC
  • Use the GIMP to produce a basic book cover
  • Use advanced concepts to produce professional looking book covers
  • Use tips and suggestions to maximize our design and implementation

Students Enrolled: 9,496
Star Rating: 3.9 (223 reviews)
Normal Price: $200
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

GIMP Advanced: 3D Book Covers And Free Graphic Design

Use the GIMP to create 3D book covers and other advanced techniques using this free image manipulation program.

  • To improve your GIMP skills taking them to the next level
  • To learn how to produce 3D book covers
  • To learn the application of filters to images

Students Enrolled: 12,808
Star Rating: 4.3 (53 reviews)
Normal Price: $200
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

Book Covers for Self-Publishing: Self Publish with Power Point

Book Cover Design with Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 explains how to simply and easily create professional book covers.

  • Learn the fundamentals of Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
  • Create professional looking book covers with ease

Students Enrolled: 8,253
Star Rating: 4.9 (96 reviews)
Normal Price: $200
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

Book Design With MS Word And Canva

Easy Book Design Guide To Create Stunning eBooks & PDFs In A Jiffy Using MS Word And Free Tools

  • Design visually compelling PDFs, worksheets and short eBooks with everyday and inexpensive tools such as Canva, PicMonkey and MS Word
  • Boost your sales & business with remarkably beautiful PDF and eBook designs and turn website by-passers into loyal clients
  • Learn how to wrap your awesome content in an eye ball-grabbing package, sprinkle it with your personality and sell it with love!

Students Enrolled: 2,296
Star Rating: 4.1 (34 reviews)
Normal Price: $95
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

Best Marketing Courses

The courses in this section can help you with different aspects of being an author and marketing yourself and your books online.

Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery Guide 2018*

Facebook Marketing from beginner to advanced! Join 100,000+ students who MASTERED Facebook and are Facebook Ads experts!

  • Connect with new audiences and lower your ad costs via Facebook Ads
  • MASTER Facebook Ads Manager
  • Implement the Facebook Pixel and advanced tracking strategies.
  • MASTER your sales funnel… awareness, retargeting, and conversion
  • And more!

Students Enrolled: 123,188
Star Rating: 4.5 (19,344 reviews)
Normal Price: $200
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

Go Viral On 7 Social Media Marketing Platforms*

Secrets to Increase Profit, Fans, Engagement & Reach on YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Quora & Linkedin.

  • Add 1,000s of fans and followers on 7 major social media platforms
  • Improve SEO and search result rankings for your website
  • Ensure readers and viewers share and like your content
  • Grow your email list and turn every link into a sales opportunity
  • And more!

Students Enrolled: 13,285
Star Rating: 4.3 (667 reviews)
Normal Price: $195
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

Branding & Marketing For Startups: Learn How To Stand Out*

Branding & Marketing Insights: Learn Top Brand Design Strategies To Build Physical Product Brand & Grow Your Business

  • Understand the true idea of branding and why people buy brands
  • Define a real value of your product
  • Identify your target customer like a pro
  • Turn your personal values into more customers
  • Plus more!

Students Enrolled: 6,548
Star Rating: 4.5 (1,023 reviews)
Normal Price: $95
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

Plus, here are a few more marketing courses that looked great but didn’t yet have the social proof of the courses above:

Best Courses for Your Author Business

These courses relate to different aspects of building your author brand and business online. Things like starting a website using WordPress and improving your copywriting skills may not seem completely relevant to writing books at first, but they are definitely skills you can use to leverage your author platform online.

Copywriting Secrets – How To Write Copy That Sells*

Discover the secrets of copywriting success from the master. From novice to pro in easy stages.

  • Structure and write compelling sales copy
  • Apply the power of emotional drivers, even when writing in a B2B environment
  • Beat run-of-the-mill writers who focus on needs
  • Write powerful calls to action

Students Enrolled: 33,874
Star Rating: 4.4 (4,223 reviews)
Normal Price: $90
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

Build Your Business Writing Romance Novels

Snuggle up to a billion dollar a year industry writing and publishing romance novels.

  • Write romance novels and launch your career as a romance author
  • Create believable characters with strong goals, motivations, and conflicts
  • Discover how to bring sexual tension to your stories
  • And more!

Students Enrolled: 2,628
Star Rating: 4.3 (199 reviews)
Normal Price: $95
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

WordPress for Beginners – Master WordPress Quickly*

In 2017, build a beautiful responsive WordPress site that looks great on all devices. No experience required.

  • Install WordPress on your PC or Mac computer, so you can learn without having to pay hosting or domain fees.
  • This course will teach anyone to build a functional, beautiful, responsive website with WordPress.
  • Navigate around the WordPress dashboard, know what everything does and how to use it.
  • Understand the main features of WordPress

Students Enrolled: 41,736
Star Rating: 4.5 (9,118 reviews)
Normal Price: $195
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

Learn WordPress – A Quick And Easy Guide

Go from WordPress Zero to WordPress Hero – Everything you need to know and do to get your WordPress site up and running

  • By the end of this course, you will be able to set up your own self-hosted WordPress website the right way!
  • STEP ONE: Buy a domain name.
  • STEP TWO: Buy the right hosting for your needs.
  • STEP THREE: Get everything pointing to the right places.
  • Plus more!

Students Enrolled: 4,343
Star Rating: 3.9 (85 reviews)
Normal Price: $20
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

How I Hit #1 On Google: The 2019 Complete SEO Course

Secrets to Improve Search Position, Conversions, Traffic, Sales, Page Speed, Content, Shares & Links.

  • Improve conversions 100% by increasing the speed of your site
  • Massively boost click-through rate with a rarely used technique
  • Optimize every post/page on your site so that Google sees your content as high-quality, authoritative and informative
  • Go viral with two amazing plugins and one proven strategy
  • And more!

Students Enrolled: 22,117
Star Rating: 4.6 (1,680 reviews)
Normal Price: $195
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

Networking Mastery 2016

How to master networking by learning the art of super connecting. Follow this blueprint to accelerate your success.

  • The secret formula for every connection
  • Explode your success by learning how to build out your inner circle
  • The art of Super Connecting
  • 10X Your sales in 90 days
  • Plus more!

Students Enrolled: 2,336
Star Rating: 4.4 (82 reviews)
Normal Price: $20
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

Writing With Impact: Writing That Persuades

Learn powerful business writing skills from a University of Cambridge writing tutor.

  • Gain confidence and find your voice as a business writer, blogger or writer of other non-fiction
  • Use the latest findings from neuroscience to make your message stick
  • Build an in-depth profile of your reader so you can target your words at them
  • Hone your message down to the stuff that will get your reader to see the world your way
  • And more!

Students Enrolled: 27,024
Star Rating: 4.5 (3,312 reviews)
Normal Price: $200
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

Writing That Sells- 50+ Content Creation Techniques

50+ advanced writing techniques for creating engaging content, building trust with the audience and winning the sale.

  • Create magnetic “hooks” that pulls target customers in
  • Write intriguing introductions that engage readers to read on
  • Build trust with readers to eliminate sales resistance
  • Answer sales objections and persuade readers to make the purchase of your product or service

Students Enrolled: 1,881
Star Rating: 4.3 (60 reviews)
Normal Price: $45
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

Best Courses for the Writer’s Life

Finally, we have courses for generally improving your life as a writer. These courses cover productivity hacks to overcoming writer’s block and how to get the most out of Scrivener. (P.S. If you're interested in Scrivener but not sure it's right for you, here's my in-depth Scrivener review article.)

Scrivener 3 Full Course on How to Use Scrivener 3 for Mac*

Master All the Major Features of Your Scrivener Writing Software to write Ebooks and Paperback Books

  • Make use of Scrivener's editing tools like collections and snapshots
  • Manage your files and folders, whether you are starting from scratch in Scrivener or want to import your content from another writing application
  • Import directly into Scrivener from a mindmap application
  • Back up and sync your projects to Dropbox and work directly from Dropbox if you want to switch between computers
  • And more!

Students Enrolled: 2,791
Star Rating: 4.4 (471 reviews)
Normal Price: $80
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

Learn Optimal Sleep To Improve Your Health, Energy, And Mind

Improve your health, mind, and energy by mastering sleep with this master guide. Includes nutrition and stress tips too.

  • In this course ,you will learn the foundations of how to get quality sleep. This course will cover all the principal components of how to tailor your lifestyle to achieve optimal sleep.
  • You will learn specific practices that relate to diet, exercise, morning and evening habits, and environment design that will aid you in your sleep.

Students Enrolled: 24,065
Star Rating: 4.1 (710 reviews)
Normal Price: $195
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

Become A Speed Demon: Productivity Tricks To Have More Time*

Learn productivity strategies and easy-to-use tricks to help you get through everyday tasks faster and more efficiently.

  • Harness the preeminent theories of productivity and time management to squeeze more time out of the day
  • Use cutting-edge hacks, tips, and tricks to improve computer productivity work
  • Identify time-wasters and zap them before they drain the day away
  • Cut out the bad habits that cost hours in the day for no reason

Students Enrolled: 32,884
Star Rating: 4.3 (3,522 reviews)
Normal Price: $95
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

Learn Scrivener Fast

How you can get Scrivener to do exactly what you want and accelerate your writing career in less than 1 week.

  • How to get set-up with Scrivener in as little as an hour, whether you're a Mac or Windows user, and virtually guarantee your success with using it
  • How to customize your toolbar and turn yourself into a writing machine
  • Corkboard Mastery in just 4 minutes
  • How to master the art of the rewrite and save every single version of your work
  • How to use the outliner to organize massive projects, complete them, and feel completely in control of your writing process

Students Enrolled: 781
Star Rating: 4.5 (142 ratings)
Normal Price: $50
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

Productivity Hacks For Writers (Writing Mastery)

Simple strategies and proven techniques to be more productive and get the most out of every writing day.

  • Learn how to “hack” your brain, space, schedule, and devices to effortlessly get into the “writing zone” every single day
  • Dramatically improve your writing productivity in as little as days or weeks!
  • Tap into the incredible power of your brain with proven strategies and techniques to keep you laser-focused on your writing
  • Transform your writing space into a “Productivity Oasis”

Students Enrolled: 5,863
Star Rating: 4.6 (1,052 reviews)
Normal Price: $100
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

Tools To Double Your Online Productivity In A Month
Grab over 40 simple and quick tools to help you to boost your online productivity and get more done online every day!

  • Learn to use the right tools to accomplish your online tasks more efficiently and quickly!
  • Save money by using free quality tools taught in this course!
  • Save time every day by learning how to optimize your computer and workflow with the right habits.
  • Increase their productivity and get more done every day!

Students Enrolled: 1,690
Star Rating: 4.2 (62 reviews)
Normal Price: $150
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

Scrivener | Full Course on How To Write a Book in Scrivener*

Master all the Major Features of Your Scrivener Writing Software to Write eBooks and Paperback Books

  • How to customize your Scrivener workspace
  • Make use of Scrivener's editing tools like collections and snapshots
  • Compile your work for export as a paperback or eBook right inside Scrivener
  • Toggle between Scrivener's normal Text Editing Mode, Corkboard Mode, and Outlining Mode and learn how to use each of them
  • And more!

Students Enrolled: 5,097
Star Rating: 4.7 (810 reviews)
Normal Price: $80
Today's Price: $9.99

Check It Out On Udemy!

The Writing Mind 1–Tackle Writer's Block & Write Confidently

The Psychology of Writing Confidently, Writing Successfully, Writing Happily & Curing Your Self-Defeating Perfectionism.

  • Overcome writer’s block.
  • Understand the difference between writing well versus falling into an abyss of perfectionism.
  • Write with greater confidence.
  • Eliminate self-destructive thoughts that are hindering your writing progress and success.
  • Plus more!

Students Enrolled: 804
Star Rating: 4.4 (122 reviews)
Normal Price: $30
Today's Price: $9.99

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Take Action to Up Your Author Game

Whether you want to improve your writing, marketing, self-publishing, author business, or productivity as a writer, there’s a valuable course for everyone on this list…for cheap!

Ten bucks and a little time is a small investment that could give you massive results as an author, self-publisher, and entrepreneur. It can help you level up your skill, all while spending less money than you'd likely spend on independent courses created using services like Teachable or Thinkific.

Even if you don't have the time to take an entire course this week, buy the courses now before this deal ends. You can take them later when you have more time. I know there was a course (or five) that peaked your interest too.

Get these courses now while they're as low as $9.99 because after Friday, November 29th you'll have to pay 85% more. Crikey!

So, which courses will you dive into?

Are there any other self-publishing Udemy courses you loved and would add to the list?


P.S. Curious what our requirements were for making the list?

First, we made sure each course had at least 30 stellar reviews, and the average rating was 4 stars or higher.

Note: This information is accurate at the time of writing but may change over time. We will do our best to keep this list updated. If you notice something out of date, please send me a polite email letting me know and I'll get it fixed asap.

I’m confident if you're a self-publishing author, you will find something on this list that could help you sell more books.

But remember, this special deal is only good until Friday, November 29th.

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25 thoughts on “Best Udemy Courses for Self Publishing Authors–Only $9.99 This Week

  1. jokawasai

    Dave–Check out Karen Prince’s course on learning Scrivener 3 on Udemy. It’s outstanding for its comprehensiveness and in-depth tutorials. It’s far superior to Learn Scrivener Fast (which is stil stuck on Scrivener 2) and it costs far, far less.

    1. Dave Chesson

      Oh…I’ll have to try that out. Thanks!

  2. Holly Hazen

    Awesome list… now to pick a few!

    1. Dave Chesson

      Haha…I know what you mean. Christmas came early at the Chesson house 🙂

  3. Andrew Fuller

    Hi, Dave!
    Thanks for the useful post & the link to it. I can testify that Udemy can be a great resource. I know u r likely to be snowed under with yr readers offering their own suggestions. B-u-t, for future reference I can heartily recommend the writing & editing courses of Harry deWulf, who is also in the current cut-price $15 offer. His persona is that of a posh, eccentric Englishman who could figure as a character in a new Austin Powers movie. But that shouldn’t deter people. His courses are highly relevant, very well structured & delivered, and above all, useful.
    Keep up the good work,

    1. Dave Chesson

      Awesome – I placed it in my shopping cart and will check it out. 🙂

  4. Ali Shehata

    Thank you so much Dave! Amazing list and I ended up buying several of the courses from your list. You have one of the most useful blogs in my list and I can’t say thank you enough.

    1. Dave Chesson

      Thanks Ali – that totally makes my day to hear. There’s a reason why it takes me two weeks to write one article. Much appreciated 🙂

  5. Patrick Brian O'Neill

    Dave, I notice you had an ‘*’ (asterisk) next to some titles. What does that designate?

    1. Dave Chesson

      At the bottom, I listed the criteria I used to choose those course (since I haven’t yet taken them all myself). There I also include the asterisk meaning, which is they were listed as a Udemy Bestseller. But I probably should move that to the top above the list. Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

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